Introducing New Goats to the Herd

Introducing New Goats to the Herd

As most of you know when you bring new animals onto the place it takes time for them to adjust and so it was with the two new goats we brought home.

This is J2 being hounded by Bugsy and the other little guy is Frostbite.

J2 did not want to stay in the pen with everybody else because he was being harassed.

We’ve always brought small animals home before and never adults and so we’ve always kept them separated at first because we didn’t want them to be picked on.

We thought maybe since these two were full-grown goats that they would be able to fit in.

It probably would have been all right except that our Alpha goat, Tailgate and Summit ganged up on J2 and that just wasn’t fair and he didn’t like the harassing at all, which I don’t blame him.

It soon became obvious that we were going to have to build a separate pen for the new boys.

As I mentioned previously, we always had to separate pens when we bought our new little boys in. One time we brought in two Oberhasli little guys from Kamiah I and stuck them in the back pen.

We had three big goats in the front pen and Tailgate was one of those when he was just three years old.

So he wasn’t much bigger than the new goats we brought home.

We had him in the back pen and the fence was eight feet tall back there and a bear came along and climbed over that fence and killed those two little boys.

The three goats in the front-it was a four-foot fence and they got the adrenaline pumping and jumped the fence and took off.

That’s one reason to this day that I won’t have a fence more than four foot tall because if a critter comes along and wants to harass and hurt one of my goats, I want them to be able to escape.

It was so quiet when I went out to the goat pens that morning that I knew immediately that something was not right and so the front part showed me that the big boys weren’t there and I went through the barn and into the back part and the two little boys were lying over in the corner.

We immediately started searching for the three missing boys and finally that afternoon some neighbors, our closest neighbors to the north, about a mile called and said that there were two goats lying by the side of the road fairly close to their place so we went down and we were able to bring home Jasper and Dinky-actually it was Splash.

That just left Tailgate missing so I walked and I walked and I walked and Rob took the four-wheeler and rode all over and our neighbor took her horse out and rode and rode the rest of that day and we didn’t find him.

The next day we still didn’t find him. Then on the third day it was raining and by then I was really getting concerned about him.

But that afternoon our same neighbor up the road called and said that Tailgate had shown up on his front porch.

Tailgates eyes were huge and he ran for that goat barn. I wish he could have told us his story.

It would have been interesting, I’m sure.

When Rob put the doors on the barn for the goats, he just had the latches down at the bottom.

But the goats would bounce on the door until those latches would come open and they could get into the hay.

So he added the ones up on top and they work really well.

I still use both latches just as double insurance. Since Rob fixed this top one they haven’t escaped

If you’ve watched our previous videos, you know when we built the barn that we had four goats, and we lost one at Christmas time.

So now that we’re getting two additional goats, Rob needs to add another stall in the barn. It was where I had the grain and everything over there in the corner, but we’ll just make a new stall and then we’ll have room for all five of the goats.

We went to Plains, Montana to pick up the last two boys J2 and Frostbite.

We haven’t been to Plains in about ten years because that’s where we got Tailgate at and also Jasper. They’re all distant related cousins and they’re all Alpine’s.

And the little lady we get and them from lives out of town about seven miles, out in the boonies actually, and I don’t think she comes to town very often because when we went there there was still snow and lots of mud and all they had to push snow with it looked like was a pickup with a blade on it.

It looked like Plains was a nice little town and had just about everything you could ask for.

Annie has been having trouble with mountain lions killing her goats, so she had been putting the pressure on us to hurry up and come and pick our goats up.

But we were glad that we hadn’t done that because as you can see she still has snow on her road plus, it’s pretty muddy and we were pulling the goat bar-traveling goat barn, but we did make it in.

When we got to her place, I was so busy I forgot to take pictures.

She had a dog that was jumping all over us and the goats were running around loose and being crazy. They didn’t want to come and stay by us so we could make up our mind which two we were going to bring home. So anyway, I just forgot to take pictures


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